Tizen 4.0 M2 Released with Visual Studio Tools for Tizen

Tizen 4.0 M2 Released with Visual Studio Tools for Tizen

BY Seongkyu Song 02 Nov 2017 Tizen .NET, Tizen .NET Application, Tizen Platform Release

Samsung has released the second milestone (M2) version of Tizen 4.0. Tizen 4.0 brings significant enhancements to the development environment, including the Tizen .NET architecture, support for C# as an application programming language, and Visual Studio Tools for Tizen. Tizen .NET is an application framework for Tizen that supports .NET Core and Xamarin.Forms. Since November 2016, Samsung has released four preview versions and the first milestone version of Tizen .NET with Visual Studio Tools for Tizen.

Tizen 4.0 M2 has the following new features:

  • Support for .NET Core 2.0: .NET Core is a cross-platform framework implementing Microsoft’s .NET as an open source project. In .NET Core 2.0, the number of available APIs is increased by supporting .NET Standard 2.0 that is a unified API specification of all .NET platforms.
  • Profiler: Visual Studio Tools for Tizen is a set of useful tools for Tizen application development. The Profiler has been introduced in this version to help developers with its easy debugging and advanced profiling features.
  • Wearable emulator: It is convenient to run and test applications on emulators without connecting to real target devices. Tizen 4.0 M2 supports emulating wearable devices. Deployment of wearable devices is still at an early stage and the wearable emulator will help you build apps for this emerging application ecosystem.

  • Tizen IoT Preview 1: Tizen IoT (Internet of Things) is designed to be compact and lightweight for use with various types of IoT devices. This preview supports headed and headless modes, depending on whether the IoT device has a display or not. For now, two hardware platforms are supported: Raspberry Pi3 and Artik 530. Using the Tizen Studio 2.0 and Things SDK APIs, anyone can develop applications for IoT devices connected to the SmartThings Cloud and controlled by the Samsung Connect App.


Samsung's smart TVs on Tizen 4.0 will be launched in 2018.

For more information, see the Tizen Developers website and Tizen 4.0 M2 release note. If you have any feedback or questions, you are encouraged to share them on the Tizen .NET Forum.

Written by Seongkyu Song
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