Guide to launch sample application

1. Installing the required packages

Open the Update Manager and make sure the following packages are installed:

  • Emulator
  • Web app. development (IDE)
  • Native app. development (IDE)


2. Launching the Tizen IDE

To launch the IDE, go to:


  • buntu: Dashboard Home > Tizen IDE
  • Windows®: Start > All Programs > Tizen SDK > Tizen IDE
  • Mac OS®: Launchpad > Tizen IDE


3. Launching the emulator

To create an emulator instance and launch it:

a. Launch the Emulator Manager by clicking the Emulator Manager icon in the Connection Explorer view.

b. Click Create New.

c. Enter the emulator name, set the various options, and click Confirm.

d. Click ▶ to launch the emulator instance.

e. The emulator is launched in its own window.



4. Making a sample project

To make a Tizen application project using a sample:

a. In the IDE, click the New button.

b. Select the kind of project you want to make (Tizen Native Project or Tizen Web Project) and click Next.

c. Select the Online Sample tab and the sample you want to launch, and click Finish.

 To limit the number of samples shown, you can filter the list based on the device profile.


※ Note: If the sample list is not visible, check your internet environment.
If you use a proxy, set the network connection options in the IDE preferences (go to Window > Preferences > General > Network Connections).


5. Making a security profile

To launch the Tizen application on the emulator, you need a security profile.

To make the security profile:

a. In the IDE, go to Window > Preferences > Tizen SDK > Security Profiles.

b. To add a profile, click Add, enter the profile name, and click OK.

c. To generate an author certificate, click Generate, enter the certificate details, and click OK.


6. Launching the sample application

In the Project Explorer view, right-click the project and select Run As > Tizen Native Application (or, in case of a Web project, Run As > Tizen Web Application).

The sample application launches in the emulator.

SDK Version Since: 
2.4 mobile/2.3.1 wearable