• Tizen 4.0 and Higher


The ScrollView class provides a scrollable view, which can be scrolled manually by panning.


The following figure shows an example of layouts using the ScrollView.


Figure: ScrollView


In this tutorial, the following subjects are covered:

ScrollView event

Creating a ScrollView

ScrollView event

The following table lists the basic signal provided by the ScrollView class.

Table: ScrollView input signal

Input signal Description
SnapStarted Emitted when the ScrollView has started to snap or flick.

A scroll view emits SnapStarted when it starts to snap or flick. The signal informs the target of the scroll position, scale, and rotation.

Creating a ScrollView

The following example illustrates how to create a ScrollView object:

// Create a ScrollView instance
Window window = Window.Instance;
ScrollView _scrollView = new ScrollView();
Size windowSize = new Size(window.Size.Width, window.Size.Height, 0.0f);
_scrollView.Size2D = new Size2D((int)windowSize.Width, (int)windowSize.Height);
_scrollView.ParentOrigin = ParentOrigin.Center;

// Add actors to a scroll view with 3 pages
int pageRows = 1;
int pageColumns = 3;
for(int pageRow = 0; pageRow < pageRows; pageRow++)
  for(int pageColumn = 0; pageColumn < pageColumns; pageColumn++)
    View pageActor = new View();
    pageActor.WidthResizePolicy = ResizePolicyType.FillToParent;
    pageActor.HeightResizePolicy = ResizePolicyType.FillToParent;
    pageActor.ParentOrigin = ParentOrigin.Center;
    pageActor.PivotPoint = PivotPoint.Center;
    pageActor.Position = new Position(pageColumn * windowSize.Width, pageRow * windowSize.Height, 0.0f);


// ScrollView contents are now draggable
// Set scroll view to have 3 pages in X axis and allow page snapping,
// and also disable scrolling in Y axis.
PropertyMap rulerMap = new PropertyMap();
rulerMap.Add((int)ScrollModeType.XAxisScrollEnabled, new PropertyValue(true));
rulerMap.Add((int)ScrollModeType.XAxisSnapToInterval, new PropertyValue(windowSize.Width));
rulerMap.Add((int)ScrollModeType.XAxisScrollBoundary, new PropertyValue(windowSize.Width * pageColumns ) );
rulerMap.Add((int)ScrollModeType.YAxisScrollEnabled, new PropertyValue( false ) );
_scrollView.ScrollMode = rulerMap;