Internet and Content Downloads

Mobile nativeWearable native


  • Tizen 2.4 and Higher for Mobile
  • Tizen 2.3.1 and Higher for Wearable

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The Internet and content download features introduce how you can connect to the Internet and access its various services. You can download files, transfer content through socket and libcurl connections, and create a Web view in your application to allow Internet browsing.

You can use the following Internet and content download features in your native applications:

  • Connection Management

    You can get information about the connected network, and set up and configure network and socket connections. You can also track connection information, such as the size of the sent and received data.

  • Download in mobile applications only

    You can download files from the Internet by creating a download process, configuring the download URL or destination, and launching the process. You can manage and monitor 1 or more downloads at the same time.

  • Curl

    You can perform URL-related transfer activities with various protocols. You can initialize libcurl connections, manage the proxy address, and transfer HTTP requests.

  • HTTP

    You can connect to Web servers to fetch and transmit a Web resource. You can also manage HTTP sessions, transactions, and requests.

  • Service Access through Plugins in mobile applications only

    You can work with cloud storages and services by managing authentication, contact information and file transfers to and from the cloud. You can do this through adaptors, which function as agents between the Service Adaptor Client and the related plugins.

  • Web View

    You can access Web pages and Web content in your application. You can also use various features for Web browsing, such as loading and displaying Web pages and navigating through the browsing history.