Circle Spinner

This feature is supported in wearable applications only.

The circle spinner component extends the spinner component (elm_spinner) by visualizing its value. The circle spinner increases or decreases the value of the elm_spinner through a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotary event.

Figure: Circle spinner component

Circle spinner component

Adding a Circle Spinner Component

To create a circle spinner component:

  1. Create an elm_spinner object:

    Evas_Object *spinner;
    Evas_Object *circle_spinner;
    spinner = elm_spinner_add(parent);
  2. Set the object style as circle:
    elm_object_style_set(spinner, "circle");
  3. Create an eext_spinner object using the eext_circle_object_spinner_add() function. Pass a circle surface as the second parameter.
    circle_spinner = eext_circle_object_spinner_add(spinner, surface);

The circle spinner component is created with the default style.

Configuring the Circle Spinner

The circle spinner shows the elm_spinner value through a marker, which indicates the value in the round. It has internal minimum and maximum spinner values, and it calculates the minimum and maximum angles to draw the marker. The current value of the circle spinner is calculated internally as well.

To handle the circle spinner value, use the elm_spinner functions. They are automatically synchronized with the user values. You can also use the elm_spinner callback functions.

To customize the angle offset of the marker to not to follow the internally-calculated system value:

  1. Set the custom circle spinner angle value using the eext_circle_object_spinner_angle_set() function.

    In the following example, the circle spinner angle value is set to 2.0:

    eext_circle_object_spinner_angle_set(circle_spinner, 2.0);
  2. After the eext_circle_object_spinner_angle_set() function has been executed, the calculation formula for the angle offset is changed:
    /* Formula for calculating the default angle offset */
    (360/ max - min) * step
    /* Formula for calculating the angle offset with the new angle value */
    (360/ max - min) * step * 2.0

You can also use the above function to define the angle offset per each rotary callback.

Activating a Rotary Event

To activate or deactivate the circle spinner, use the eext_rotary_object_event_activated_set() function:

eext_rotary_object_event_activated_set(circle_spinner, EINA_TRUE);

If the second parameter is EINA_TRUE, the circle spinner can receive rotary events.

Configuring the Circle Properties

To configure the circle properties of the circle spinner:

  • You can modify the circle object within the circle spinner component using the various functions, such as:

    • eext_circle_object_value_min_max_set()
    • eext_circle_object_value_min_max_get()
    • eext_circle_object_value_set()
    • eext_circle_object_value_get()
  • You can modify the circle spinner default item, which draws the marker.

    To change the item properties, use the eext_circle_object_item_XXX() functions.

For more information, see Circle Object and the Efl Extension Circle Object API.