Flashing the Project


  • Ubuntu Only

To upload your project to the board, you need to flash it:

  1. Connect the board to your computer.

    The following figure shows the Artik 051 board.

    Connecting the board

  2. Select the project in the Project Explorer view.
  3. To flash the Tizen RT project, use one of the following:
    • In the Tizen Studio for RT menu, select Project > Flash.
    • In the Tizen Studio for RT toolbar, click the Flash icon (Flash icon).

    Flashing the project

    If you have not built the project yet, an error popup appears.

    Flashing without building error

  4. In the Flash TizenRT Project Wizard, select the Flash option and click Flash.

    Flash option

If the board is not connected to the computer or the flash environment is not properly configured, the Console view displays the flash failure log.

Figure: Flash failure

Flash failure

If the flashing is successful, the success log is shown.

Figure: Flash success

Flash success