Getting Started with Web Applications

Mobile WebWearable WebTV Web

When creating your first Tizen Web application, you can select from the following options, which all use the Web-native languages, such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript:

  • Mobile Web application

    A mobile application is targeted to run on smart phones, and can take advantage of a wide variety of functionalities available on those devices.

  • Wearable Web application

    A wearable application is targeted to run on smart watches, and can be optimized for the smaller screen.

  • Wearable Web watch application

    A wearable watch application is a customized watch face that can be shown as the device home screen.

  • Wearable Web widget application

    A wearable widget application is a small application that can be shown by specific UI applications (such as the home screen).

  • TV Web application

    A TV application is targeted to run on smart TVs, and can be optimized for larger screens and remote control.

The first application examples show a simple application with a basic UI and minimal functionality. Get familiar with the example first, and afterwards you can use it as a basis to build more complex applications.