Visual Studio Tools for Tizen provides Tizen-specific tools to improve your productivity:

  • Project Wizard

    The Project Wizard is used to create a Tizen .NET application project. You can select from various project templates that make it easier for you to start coding your application. When you create a new project with a specific template, the Project Wizard uses it to automatically create basic functionalities and default project files and folders for the application.

  • Manifest Editor

    The Manifest Editor allows you to edit the Tizen application manifest with a text or form editor. The application manifest contains the application configuration, including specific features and more general runtime settings.

  • Certificate Manager

    The Certificate Manager is used to create a certificate profile and register author and distributor certificates. Before installing your application on a device or submitting it to the Tizen Store, you must sign it with a certificate profile while packaging your application.

  • Emulator Manager

    The Emulator Manager allows you to create multiple Tizen emulator instances, for testing your application in an environment similar to a real device.

  • Emulator Control Panel

    The Emulator Control Panel allows you to control the emulator instance and test a variety of user scenarios, such as network access, audio input and output, and text messaging.

  • API and Privilege Checker

    The API Checker tool checks for API and privilege usage violations in the application code. It helps you to identify and fix potential problems in the application code related to API and privilege use.

  • Device Manager

    The Tizen Device Manager is used to manage connected Tizen devices and emulator instances. You can also browse files on the device, and transfer files between it and the host computer.

  • Log Viewer

    The Log Viewer allows you to check the logs of your application based on the logging methods you have inserted into your code. It helps you to debug your application by capturing all the events logged by the platform and your application.

  • Profiler

    The Profiler allows you to analyze the performance of your application. You can record, manage, and view profiling sessions.

If you prefer a command line interface to the graphical Visual Studio window, you can use the Command Line Interface (CLI) tool during the entire development process.