Any wearable devices shipping with Tizen 4.0

I would like to build and run a 4.0 .NET Visual Studio 17 extension C# Xamarin Forms application on something other than an emulator. Are there any live devices that ship with Tizen 4.0 ofr that can be upgraded to 4.0? If an upgrade is possible, how do you do the upgrade? All the documentation I have seen only mentions reference devices.


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Armaan-Ul- Islam

Run Tizen 4.0 application on something other than an emulator?

I guess You have to wait till the next Gear Watch release from Samsung this year.

Generally, OS Update facility is available once at least a device having that OS is available on market.

Alex Kovacs

Thank you for the response... I guess I will continue in emulation. Any idea on a release date?

Armaan-Ul- Islam

As far as I've seen there's no Official release date yet. 'TechRadar' has shed some light on this article.

Hopefully before end of 2018.

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Thanks for the information on the site.

Peter Wegner



Rumours about SM-R800 and LTE variants...

Nobody confirmed Tizen 4...


Maybe really Android is coming with S4...

MAYBE infos about SM-R800 will be available at IFA event...

So maybe we know in 4 - 6 weeks if Tizen Wearables also dead like Tizen Mobile...


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Slawek Kowalski

Yes, in few weeks Gear S4 with Tizen 4.0 on the board.