SSH Client/Server for SM-R760



once again I'm at the very end of a line of people, where knowledge of the wearables abilities degrades when ability to call out new featrues increases. Right now the other end of that line from my point of view decided, that "every linux can do ssh, so the smartwatch must be able to do it too".

I do already know that there isn't a ssh client nor a server at the wearable (one of the first things I did when I got my hands at it was trying to ssh to it), but I'm still not certain that this is something that could be added in one way (or another). Yet I didn't found any topics about this problem, or any apps that could do this. The API does have a section about communication that is ever growing with every Tizen OS Major release added, but even in 4.0.0 there is no SSH.

I will never try to root a device that has no removable filesystem storage (and not cable!), so the ony way I could be done would be kind of official... And not beeing a superuser at the watch, I cant simple smuggle an openSSL package inside and install it silently.


So for the final question: is there ANY way to have that watch creating outgoing ssh connections (and receive incomming ones)? No, the VPN Stuff listed inside the API wont count.


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K Johnson

So far I've searched on web I also couldn't find any SSH client and server setup in Tizen 4.0 specifically for wearable. Hope this may come with next Tizen version.

According to my understanding, you may use OpenSSL to encrypt your message in Tizen. Please go through below link: