Native alarm API behavior after battery empties


I was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences with the alarm API. I currently have an app that is triggered by another alarm service app at specific times of the day (everyday) using the alarm_schedule_with_recurrence_week_flag function. What I've found is that if I turn off the watch before the battery empties and keep it charged properly before turning it on again, the alarm works throughout the week just fine and launches the app. 

However, if at any time during the day the battery dies and I recharge the following day and turn on the watch before the scheduled alarm time, the app never starts. So it seems that after the battery is empty, the registered alarm states are lost.

Any feedback/comments on this behavior would be much appreciated.



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Armaan-Ul- Islam

If alarms are deleted from system in case of emergency shutdown every-time, then obviously that's not an acceptable behavior. You may report a bug on Tizen bug Tracker. Here’s a guideline on how to report bugs. Please share your progress and the 'Reported bug' link here on this post to help the developers keep track.

R Keanan

Thanks, will do that.

R Keanan

Bug is registered here.