WebView Error Handling

I am using a WebView in my application and would like to handle cases where the connection is not available or the site is not available. In order to listen for these events I am calling evas_object_smart_callback_add(Evas_Object* obj, const char* event, Evas_Smart_Cb func, const void* data) with the event set to "load,error".

Documentation says a pointer to an object of type Ewk_Error is passed into the callback function and I have included "EWebkit.h", however Ewk_Error is not available anywhere in the SDK. I have figured out through Googling around what this object might look like to get what I need but would like to fix the missing Ewk_Error definition to make sure I'm properly handling WebView errors.


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Armaan-Ul- Islam

Tizen Source Code is Open, This file seems relevant :

Tizen > WebKit EFL > ewk_error.h

And Here's a short guide and code example for 'General Error Handling' practice in Tizen