Samsung Smart View SDK for tizen watch

Hello guys, 
Is it possible to use SmartView SDK for Samsung Tizen watch?
I have TV as a receiver app and I want to connect to it from the watch as a sender app

Please let me know if you need more details.

Thank you


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André Reus

hi, according to this official document

"By using the API, you can extend your mobile application experiences to the connected TV or speakers.The SDK provides a flexible integration options; mobile APIs for Android and iOS, JavaScript APIs for web browsers, TV, and speakers."

So, I think there is no api for watch till now. 

Serhii Kokovskyi

Hi, but we can write a web application for the watch using JavaScript.

Maybe someone can recommend how to establish communication between watch and TV?

André Reus

So far this is not available may be. Hope it will be available in near future! Or if anyone knows about it, he will help you..