Tizen Studio 2.4 Debugging Apps with Recorder on Emulator feels impossible


a strange problem from me this time.

Imagine you have an App that has the privilege "recorder" added to its manifest. Further imagine you want to run it at a Tizen 3.0.0 wearable emulator to perform... debugging (find out if there is a difference between the 2.4 build package and the 1.2 build package).

Fast forward to the point, where the app has been deployed at the emulator. Because of that privilege the emulator watch will ask you if you want to permit the usage of the microphone, which needs to be accepted (and even knows a "remember me" checkbox).

Now the twist comes into play: because the app starting delayes itself (caused by the permission granting dialog), the debugger fails to connect properly. But even if one accepts (and marks the "remembe choise" checkbox), the next time the debugger is started from tizen studio, the damned permission dialog pops up AGAIN. And - of course - the debugger fails to connect AGAIN TOO.

I tried about a dozend times, but the best I can get is a running app with no debugger connection.


What does kind of amuse me is the fact, that the same situation appeared within the Tizen Studio 1.2 too. But here all you had to do was marking the "remember choise" checkbox and restart the debugger, and the dialog would not show up again, the debugger working as expected after the second run. I could live with that, but some day I want to go to Tizen Studio 2.4 without needing to be afraid to loose debugging options.

Before anyone asks, I made a sepearate emulator for 2.4 and 1.2 from their own emulator managers, hoping they will be more fitting for the tizen studio in use. By the way, the 2.4 made emulator wont work with the 1.2 Tizen Studio, but thats nothing surprising.

What do i need to do to get the debugging inside 2.4 working again?


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André Reus

Hi Robert Kaiser

Did you try it on real device ? And in which api you are facing this problem .... audio recording ?