The native runtimes are not linked/removed from app builds

I have a NuGet (SkiaSharp) that I will be releasing (or maybe released by the time you read this) that has several native runtime assets:

  • "win7-x64"
  • "win7-x86",
  • "osx"
  • "linux-x64"
  • "linux-x86"
  • "tizen-armel"
  • "tizen-x86"

When I build and install the app on the device/emulator, ALL the runtimes are also added to the app package.
This results in a much larger package than expected - as well as additional libraries that are not actually supported at all.

I would expect the Tizen build process to only copy the runtimes that it supports - such as "tizen-armel", "tizen-x86" (since this one is not supported maybe just this "linux-x86", "tizen-armel")

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Armaan-Ul- Islam

Good findings, Many application developers may miss this point.


Suggestions from My end:

# As Tizen dotnet build tools are open source, You might raise Issues there, Even Contribute.

Look for Domain: Dotnet


# You may report a bug on Tizen bug Tracker. Here's a guideline on how to report bugs. Please share your progress and the 'Reported bug' link here on this post to help the developers keep track.


# May post Issues on GitHub Repo- Tizen-CSharp-Samples