Supported TVs ?

I am very new to both Tizen.NET and Samsung smart TVs so sorry if I am asking a stupid question.


Is there any TV already released which supports running apps developed with Tizen.NET ? Also, if my TV doesn't support it will it get an updated version of Tizen which will support it ?


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Peter Wegner


You are welcome.

And this Forum is for asking Question(S).


Only problem is to get answers...



Since nearly 1 year... Preview 1 is from November 2016...

NOBODY told official supported real devices...

Not Development, nor Commercial Devices are confirmed...


None compatibility list exists...


IMHO, my own experince is...

Only NEW devices which comes in Future... could have dotNet support...

Maybe in 2018...


Not expect something in 2017...

Not expect existing devices will be updated official...


So dotNet is """Fun project""" for Computer Emulator only...

Or you are from Samsung R&D... then you dotNet enabled device or access to Software/Firmware + Tutorials how to use...


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John Ixion

Tizen .NET is based on Tizen 4, so 2018 TV models will support it;

we know nothing about .NET on 2017 models (Tizen 3);

but 2017 models will not get Tizen 4, that's for sure:

Martin Thorp

Deployment of Tizen Blank app to TV on home wifi network

Here is my recent experience. Seems to confirm what the other replies are saying.

Trying Tizen app development under VS2017 using the Blank App (Tizen Xamarin.Forms Portable) template provided. No changes made to template code. Selected only TV in the profile. Runs OK when deployed to emulator HD 1080TV (tv-4.0-x86_64). The file pushed to the emulator is TizenTest.TizenTV.tpk. When change target to UN40KU6290: the file pushed is 11db-3.8.1-armv71.rpm. As soon as the push completes VS2017 crashes and restarts. Is this a Configuration Manager problem (no changes made there either) or is this not a supported test environment?

Visual Studio 2017 Professional (26430.16)
Tizen .NET Developer Preview 4
TV in Developer Mode with host PC IP set correctly and rebooted
Latest software upgrades to TV
sdb connect is successful
Created certificate profile in Certificate Manager with default distribution certificate
In Tools-Options-Tizen-Certification check "sign the tpk" and keep "Use profile of Tizen Certificate Manager"

Peter Wegner

You know this Command:

sdb capability


Maybe then more clear why not working...

Example output... looks like this:



I have not your TV... so I have no idea if you have Tizen 3 or 4 on it... but I think more it would be 2.3 or 2.4 or something like this...


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Martin Thorp

Thanks for the tip Peter.

platform_version is 2.4.0

product_version is 2.0

So the TV software upgrades don't give me the latest OS.

John Ixion

yep, KU model = 2016 model = Tizen 2.4


Like I said, Samsung (or LG) doesn't update the OS version.

2018 models will support .NET

2017 models: we don't know

2016 models: certainly not

I feel like I've been robbed.
I bought a Samsung Smart TV a few months ago, and, obviously it's a 2016 model, as I bought it early in 2017. It's a UE32K5600.
I spent a few hours installing on my Visual Studio to find out that this extension will only work on 2018 TV models.
So my question is: don't you think it would be respectful of developers to write explicitly on the download page that Samsung will not make the effort to update its televisions, and that your extension does not work on any TV at this time?
Look at these pages, and tell me where this information is written:

John Ixion

I understand your frustration but there is a big difference between the Tizen project ( = software engineeers) and the Samsung marketing machine.

We try to inform devs and consumers, indeed:

We live in a world where avoiding responsabilities is a business stategy.

John Ixion

just an example: some shops are still selling 2015 models at very low prices today...

This would not be a problem if smart TV manufacturers were upgrading their OS instead of pushing to purchase new devices.
Naively, I still hope to be able to update my Samsung TV one day.


John Ixion

*most consumer don't even know their TV has an OS;

* the TV profit margins are razor thin

This should be a Tizen developers forum, not a "most consumer" forum.
I have posted my question in the Samsung developper forum:

John Ixion

Like I said before: "The world's first TVs supporting the .NET Framework are about to be released in the first half of 2018."

not a word about 2017 models...

Yauhen Sampir

Any updates? Which moedls support tizen 4.0?

Martin Thorp