Tizen .NET for Wearables?

The Wearable Emulator is not on the RoadMap at all!  

When - and/or - are you  planning on adding Wearable support, controls, emulator to Xamarin and Tizen .Net



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hobum kwon


Tizen Wearable Profile is an important target for Tizen .NET.

Tizen .NET team will add a schedule to the Tizen .NET roadmap for the wearable support as soon as we can share more concrete schedule for it in the near future.


Peter Wegner

Thank you hobum kwon for feedback.


This sounds interesting.

Please not forget to add more infos also about Mobiles...


I can not remember, somebody outsite your R&D is able to use dotNet enabled apps on real commercial devices.

And for me I can not see, if it will be easier with SM-Z400F, which launch "soon"...


Thanx in advance.


Best Regards

hobum kwon

Hello, Peter Wegner. I appreciate your posts in the Tizen .NET forum. From now on Tizen .NET team will make better efforts to communicate with developers with big and small useful information on all the Tizen profiles (including mobile) which Tizen .NET is targeting. 



Peter Wegner

Thank you very much hobum kwon.

And thanx for reading.


Best Regards

Peter Wegner

Because of my impatience...


Seems I have now found real test device with Tizen 4 and probably dotNet enabled Firmware.


I was able to find an way to flash Tizen 3 and Tizen 4 Images to good old SM-R732... aka Gear S2... aka Wearable...


I have no dotNet compiled TPK for final test yet... but it looks like...

Tizen 3 not enabled by default... but

Tizen 4 have "full support" of dotNet Apps... in prerelease Firmware


No idea, how it will be in final commercial product...

see Z4...the only known commercial available Tizen 3 device... with no dotNet it seems.



Thanx for deleting AGAIN threads and posts.


I have the feeling it is only 1 person...

Ich wünsche Dir ein langes Leben, Ruhm und Reichtum. Keine Ahnung was Dir so durch den Kopf läuft, wenn Du Editierst... und Löschst.

Es geht doch nix über Anonymität...


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hobum kwon

Hello, Peter. Thanks again for questions.

We started Tizen .NET on Tizen 3 (since Tizen .NET had kicked off before 4.0 started) and as you mentioned now Tizen 4 has Tizen .NET fully supported.

Current 3.0 based devices are not yet with Tizen .NET because Tizen .NET is still in progress and about to announce first offical full version in October 2017.

Thus, devices with Tizen 4.0 support will include Tizen .NET for sure. We understand Tizen 3 devices are beginning to be available in the market so we are trying

to keep current Tizen .NET as common as possible to be able to run on Tizen 3. However, few new features only are only available on Tizen 4 so we are focusing

on release Tizen .NET on Tizen 4 (tizen branch).

For wearable support Tizen .NET, again soon we can update more detailed schedule for Tizen Wearable Profile preview release (SDK).

Internal work to announce roadmap is going on.

Any further quesiton, please do not hesitate and you can also send question to if you have a private question.



Peter Wegner

Dear hobum kwon.

Thank you very much again for infos.

Also thank you very much for offer your Email.

I have many many questions, but I think public in forum is "better", so also others can read. Maybe sometimes it help to solve problems.

And my English is very limited for private conversation.

Feel free to remove your Email. To prevent spam...


Thank you very much.

Best Regards

Peter Wegner

Looks like new SM-R600 spotted on IFA has Tizen


Is SM-R600 dotNet enabled?


Or really only plans for Tizen 4 or later...



Thanx in advance.


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Marco Buettner

The SM-R600 should be the Gear Sport

hobum kwon

Hello, please check the updated roadmap. You can see wearable support (beta release) in the emulator section and xamarin section.


Best Regards

Peter Wegner

Thanx for info hobum kwon.


I hope we can see this month result...

Maybe near Samsung Developer Conference 2017 ?


Or earlier?


Best Regards

Peter Wegner

Soon October is over... and in theory soon new dotNet Preview could be available...


I have short checked SM-R600... and yep... NO dotNet support.


So IMHO still no real device outside R&D... correct me if I am wrong.

I am wondering why it is so hard to release "Plugin"/Addon for Tizen 3 device(s) for dotNet Developer...

If I look at this Roadmap...


Then we are far far away from real device... at normal home...


Best Regards

Peter Wegner

Is Tizen Studio 2.0 now the successor of dotNet Preview stuff?


I am scared at the moment to install Tizen Studio 2... to prevent funtastic sideeffects...



Maybe somebody allready tried?


Thanx in advance.


Best Regards

hobum kwon



No, Tizen Studio 2.0 provides Web and Native (C/C++) environment and for C# you need to wait for an official version of

Visual Studio for Tizen (Visual Studio Plug-in - Tips: Please check visual studio gallery. The tool may be already available in the gallery) in a few days. 

In your previous questions which I missed , sorry, real devices will eventually be available from 2018 so please be patient. 

Tizen .NET has put a lot of effort to be in higher quality for Tizen .NET in this official version.






Peter Wegner

Thank you very much again for fast answer.


I was confused about short reading in Release Notes of Tizen Studio 2.0:


I saw something with dotNet...

Sorry, my fault


Best Regards

Holger Winter

Hello All,

is there a real chance that Tizen .Net find the way on Gear S3?

Best Regards

Armaan-Ul- Islam

Tizen.NET application requires Tizen 4.0 OS support.

So Yes, Only If Gear S3 receives Tizen wearable 4.0 update.

Gear S3 was launched with Tizen 2.3.2, and currently 3.0 update is available.

Peter Wegner

Are you really sure Tizen 4 is the "Holy Grail" for dotNet support in Wearable devices?


I mean I can can see since monthS dotNet Launcher in Tizen 3, 4, 5... in WC1 AND WC2 Firmware...

Uups, I mean "TW1" and "TW2"...

I was able few months ago to install Firmware on my SM-R732... So Tizen 3 and 4 runs on it...


Now Unified folder contains Tizen 5...

I'll repeat. Tizen 5...


So IMHO at the moment Wearable support for commercial available devices is Running Gag... for more monthS...


My opinion...


Best Regards

Marco Buettner

full dotNet support is planned for Tizen 4. Until its not guaranteed are full support it makes no sense to released on commercial devices.
Yeah will find dotNet in Tizen 3 becuz its on development state.

dotNet for Tizen is still under development and no final product.

Holger Winter

I think if they want to get a push in App Development for wearables, the step to tizen .Net is usefull.

I must have a deeper look at the firmwares, to less time at the moment.


Peter Wegner

Marco, willst Du Deinen Hintern darauf verwetten?


Es sieht ja so aus als ob die Z Serie wieder an die Wand gefahren wurde... so wie bada.

- Mobiles


Wearables is komplett unklar...

Bleibt nur TV oder anderes Gedöhns...


Sollte also jemand auf die Idee kommen eine "Remote Control" zu basteln... mit dotNet...


Dürfte er sich leicht va fühlen. Wenn nur noch die Smart TVs übrig sind... welche 2018 dotNet Support bekommen "KÖNNTEN"...

S stümpert ja schon an Tizen 5 rum...


Wie immer danke für Deinen hilfreichen Beitrag.




Short summary.

Tizen is the best... long live Tizen.


Thanx for supporting Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4...

Especially ACL...

In Tizen Eco System seems nobody to need apps... similar to Android.

If Z-series seems dead now...

And Wearables will wait long long and longer for dotNet support...


So maybe only TV and Hoovers left or Refrigerators for dotNet Tizen...




Best Regards

Peter Wegner

Is dotNet for Tizen meanwhile for real devices useable?

I mean outside R&D...


No idea... TV?


Or still only for PC Simulator... :)


I can remember many people saw Nessi... from Loch Ness...

Or E.T. is also real person.




Best Regards

hobum kwon



Finally there will be Tizen .NET supported devices soon (in March or April) (2018 Samsung TV). 

Please check out this link:



Peter Wegner



If we can expect the new SM-R8.. family is Tizen 4... maybe.

Can we expect dotNet for Wearables?


Or disabled? Like Bixby in Gear S3 Tizen 3 Firmware...


Best Regards



Peter Wegner

Tizen 4 for new SM-R8xx devices seems no rumour anymore...


Is dotNet support official in SM-R8xx series?

Or still "disabled"...


Let's see...Galaxy Watch is gonna be released in this Month hopefully.

As Galaxy Watch is launched with Tizen 4.0, I expect .NET support. As .NET support begins from Tizen 4.0 as per earlier declaration.