How to get Tizen version via WebApi

Hi there,

I'm trying to get information about Text-to-Speech on a Tizen device (enabled/disabled in settings) through ProductInfo.getSystemConfig. As I found out, this is not possible on Tizen version 2.3 and below. The config key (CONFIG_KEY_ACCESSIBILITY_TTS) just doesn't exist there. So I decided to do it only on Tizens with version 2.4 or above.

My question is: Does anyone know how to get Tizen version from webapis.js please? 

I tried method getVersion() from WebApi.ProductInfo, also TvInfo, AVInfo, actually almost all APIs available in WebApi. I couldn't find the version myself so I'm asking you guys :)

Thanks in advance


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Marco Buettner

Use instead

With Tizen Web API u can use

Afaik BUILD includes the Tizen Version. But I will test it at home.