Application Management

Mobile WebWearable WebTV Web


  • Tizen 2.4 and Higher for Mobile
  • Tizen 2.3.1 and Higher for Wearable
  • Tizen 3.0 and Higher for TV

The application management features cover the application models available for Web applications. They describe the application life-cycle and resources, and the communication methods available for the application.

You can use the following application management features in your Web applications:

  • Applications

    You can manage applications and get information about them. You can also handle events and enable an application to run in the background.

    Tizen provides various application models to allow you to create applications targeted for specific tasks. You can create UI applications to run on the foreground, and service applications to run in the background. The service application is used to perform tasks that need to run periodically or continuously, but do not require any user interaction.

  • Application Groups

    The applications can be launched in groups. You can define the application launch mode and group your applications into entities that can be managed together.

  • Application Preferences in mobile and wearable applications only

    You can store and retrieve the application preferences. You can create, store, and retrieve all custom preferences needed by your application.

  • Application Icons in mobile and wearable applications only

    You can set up application badges. In the device application list, you can show a badge with the application icon to provide additional information about the application state or notifications to the user.

  • Application Information and Controls

    The application controls allow you to share an application's functionality. Using another application's features through application controls reduces the time and effort needed to develop your own application. You can also manage and retrieve information from installed widgets and widget instances in various ways.

  • Application Data Exchange

    The application can communicate with other applications in various ways. You can exchange data between applications through message ports and data controls.

  • Package Information

    You can retrieve detailed information about application packages. You can receive notifications if packages are updated or removed, or new packages are installed. You can also perform package management tasks, such as installing or uninstalling packages.