How to get Better-Than-Public-Level Privileges? And whats inside?

Well, hello there.

I'm still at some kind of planning stage for stuff to get developed (some day maybe), and right now a question became hot that I cannot answer with the information provided at the tizen dev guide pages.

You might have guessed already what it is that I ponder about: how one des get certificate privileges that are "better" than public level ones?


I know... we got pages like this one , but while it does give some hints about it, its next to completely unclear how the process of getting higher level developement privileges is done exactly. I mean...

  • The public level is the minimum privilege level, which means that any application developed using the Tizen Studio can use these privileges.
  • The partner level privileges require at least a partner-signed certificate which is granted to developers who have a business relationship with the vendor.
  • The platform level is the highest privilege level, and an application that needs these privileges requires at least a platform-signed certificate, which is granted to vendor developers.

its cool to know about this, but HOW one does establish such a business relationship or become a vendor developer isn't mentioned there.

Maybe you want to tell me that "whoever really deserve these permissions will know how to get them". Well, that wouldn't be very useful. In that little company I'm working in I'm as far from being in the position to establish such kind of business relations on my own as possible. Still, I'm tasked to find out how this works and what one will get, or more precise,  what one can gain from these privileges? Can they make the projects the bosses are aiming for more feasible? And to answer this I kindly ask if anyone can point out to a in detail guide about how one does request higher level privileges. And whats inside.


Beside this, I searched the tizen community already, but sometimes its quite hard to get lucky in the usage of fitting search phrases. All I stumbled upon were pages like this one, which ultimately point to a page that does not exist (any more?). But that non-existing page does hold a great promise: test out the high level privileges at the emulator and/or the watch I do have in my very own possession (or at least the company I'm in does have it). That would be... most exquisite, because I would be able to answer the questions the planning guys does have in a more direct manner.

Like that about the SSH connection I asked about in another question. That did turn out to become a project blocker, and now one (well.. me) needs to find out if there are options to do this anyway.


Okay, enough text for today. I know there are people out there which do not like to read long texts or anything beyond two short sentences after all (which I totally cannot understand), so here is the short version


How does one get highter-than-public-level-api-access (is there an information page about it?) and what are the benefits (from a developing point of view) one does gain from receiving high level API access?





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Yasin Ali


I think you may check this site for detail about your query.

You can communicate with them for developing business solution using
different privilege level support.


hp support number

Would like to see some other posts on the same subject!