Extension SDK

The extension SDK provides the following functionalities:

In-App Purchase

In-app purchase allows you to sell the digital content to customers inside your application such as in-game coins. With in-app purchase service, you can offer your customers a variety of items directly within your paid or free application. In-app purchase can be offered as a consumable, non-consumable, or subscription.

You can implement in-app purchase in your application by using the Tizen application control mechanism. In-app purchase service provides the functionality to process payments for items offered in your application through the Tizen Store. In-app purchase uses the same payment service as is used for application purchases, so your customers experience a consistent and secured purchase flow. In-app purchase can be implemented in both Tizen native and Web applications.

To use in-app purchase, you can use your Tizen Store Seller Office account to register items to the Tizen Store Seller Office. To get started, read the following guide:

InMobi Tizen Ad SDK

The InMobi Tizen Ad SDK allows you to monetize your Tizen application with a wide range of advertisement formats. You can deliver from the InMobi network all kinds of adds (from banner ads to full-screen native interstitial ads) to create a better user experience.

You can use InMobi Tizen Ads in Tizen Web applications, native applications, and Unity games:

  • Tizen Web application: Tizen Web applications use the Tizen Web Framework to interact with the Web subsystems. The application is built using Web languages, such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Tizen native application: Tizen native application uses EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) for the application UI. The application is developed using C and it can access advanced device-specific features.
  • Unity game on Tizen: To use Tizen Ads in your Unity game, you need the Unity SDK version 5.2.2 or above for privilege addition support. The game is developed using C#.

To get started with the InMobi Tizen Ad SDK, read the following guide:


VMAX™ is the one-stop solution that gives you complete control over your app monetization. It is a publisher-centric mediation SSP platform which sources ads from various sources and optimizes to maximize yield rate and fill rate.

VMAX provides support for Ads in Tizen Native, Unity and Web applications.

  • Native SDK: It is for the Application developers who want to build Tizen Native App, utilizing EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) for the UI. Among the other SDK's available, Native SDK allows building Native feature-rich app.
  • Unity SDK: Game developers can utilize this SDK to monetize various in-game ad placements.
  • Webapp SDK: Web application developers can use this SDK for applications using web technologies (HTML, CSS & Javascript).

To get started with the VMAX Ad SDK, read the following guide: