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Tizen has commercialized in smart TV, smartphone, wearable devices (Gear S, Gear Fit), and smart home appliances. However, low-end and low-cost IoT devices, such as home appliances without display and wearable bands with a small LCD, have received less attention. The objective of Tizen RT is to extend the Tizen platform device coverage to these kind of low-end devices.

Tizen RT is an RTOS-based lightweight platform. The following are the hardware and environmental requirements:

  • Hardware targets:

    Cortex-M/R processors with MPU, less than 2 MB RAM, and less than 16 MB Flash.

  • Development environment:

    • Tizen RT Studio for SmartThings:
      Tizen RT Studio version 2.0 (or later) is used as an IDE for developing IoT applications with the Tizen IoT Platform and ARTIK 053(s).
    • IoT Setup Wizard:
      The Tizen RT Setup Wizard is a computer application for easily setting up Tizen IoT on hardware targets. In the Tizen OS version 4.0, flashing a platform image into ARTIK 053(s) is only supported with the IoT Setup Wizard in a Linux computer environment.

To start developing your Tizen IoT applications:

  1. Install the Tizen Studio for RT
  2. Manage the project
  3. Managing SmartThings™ Certificates
  4. Flash the project
  5. Use the serial terminal
  6. Debug the project