Tizen Validation Policy

  1. Functionality

    1. Application should be installed on its target device without any errors.
    2. Icon image should be displayed on the target device’s main menu after installation.
    3. Application should be launched within 10 seconds after clicking on the icon unless there is a visual indication of progress, e.g. a progress bar.
    4. Application should provide the functions corresponding to its description.
    5. Each feature of an application should work normally without malfunctions.
    6. Users should be able to upgrade to the newest version without any errors.
    7. If an application’s function does not work as expected, it will be rejected.
    8. It should be possible to remove application without any errors.
    9. Application should not crash or cause malfunctions due to H/W usage (e.g. MENU, HOME, BACK, VOLUME, HOLD key).
    10. H/W key itself should work as user can normally expect when user executes application. See the Tizen UX Guide for further details.
    11. Application should not crash or create malfunctions to the embedded phone features such as GPS, Camera, motion sensors, Bluetooth, WIFI etc.
    12. Application should provide information required to fully validate the application, such as:
      • Test account for log-in features.
      • Instructions for accessing and downloading additional files.
      • Pre-release versions (demo) should notify the users about the limitations (e.g. expiration dates or limited functionality).
    13. Application must not link to other application store.
    14. Duplicated or repeated submission of similar applications registered by the same seller will be rejected.
    15. Application that installs additional applications or makes shorcuts or bundles of icons will be rejected.
  2. Usability
    1. Application should be designed to be valuable, entertaining, unique or informative. If application just offers the simple web site links or puzzles which only changed puzzle board color, it may be rejected.

    2. Application should minimize user effort. If it is not easy to understand due to complex interface, it may be rejected.
    3. Application should be designed by considering aesthetic factors. UIs in application should be arranged harmoniously and use proper size or color in order to enhance readability. Application that does not follow the Tizen UX Guide may be rejected.
      • Menu, graphics and text must be clearly visible and work correctly.
      • The main icon represents the application and it is recommended to be a circular shape.
      • Application should cover the entire screen of a device.
      • Application should use input capabilities applicable to the device.
      • Application should not contain any overlapped or truncated text, graphics distortion, or any kinds of display errors.
      • Application should be displayed and work correctly regardless of the screen’s orientation.
  3. Metadata
    1. Icon, screenshots, description and tag in the Tizen Store should be consistent with those installed on device and should be appropriate for children (refer to the Age Rating Guide, page 13, for details).
    2. Application title and default description should be written in English if selecting two or more countries for sale.
      • You can add application title and description in 6 languages in the seller office.
    3. Age rating should comply with the Age Rating Guide.
    4. Valid e-mail addresses and Support URLs are required to get in contact with Developers.
    5. The seller is solely responsible for tagging appropriate keywords for Application. Tizen Store may change or delete irrelevant tags.
  4. Intellectual Property
    1. Application should not violate brand name, trademark, logos, and other source identifiers including Tizen brand.
    2. Application should not use copyright-protected content without permission from the copyright holder.
    3. Application should not provide any method to share copyrighted content such as media or images via P2P or a server.
    4. Application should not use the right of publicity, personality rights to control the commercial use of name, portrait, likeness, or other aspects of one's identity, without permission.
    • The seller is required to own the right or obtain adequate license from the copyright owner for all the content submitted to the Tizen Store. The seller is solely responsible for any offenses that result from not complying with the Tizen Validation Guide and any infringement of copyright that is found in their applications.

  5. Adult Content
    1. Content should not depict or encourage pornography, nudity, sexually explicit behavior or violence (especially exploitative or sadistic violence towards vulnerable people, minors or animals).
    2. Content must not contain explicit sex scenes (images of sexual or sexually suggestive activities)
      • Application for educational purpose if the age rating is 18+ (several countries will be excluded from the countries of service).
    3. Content must not contain nudity (images that reveal genitals, buttocks, nipples).
    4. Content must not contain images or words of a sexually suggestive manner.
    5. Age Rating Guide for sexual content
      All 12+ 16+ 18+ Not Allowed

      No sexual content

      Mild sexual behaviors (e.g. kissing, lingerie, bikini) but not to arouse sexual urges

      Non-explicit depiction of sexual behavior; can refer to sex in a mild way

      Suggestive or intense sexual references; full front view of a body without exposure of genitals, buttocks or breast


  6. Violence
    1. Content must not describe killing.
    2. Content must not depict blood in a cruel way.
    3. Content must not depict violence towards vulnerable people, minors and animals.
    4. Content must not describe child abuse.
    5. Content must not depict intense violence, including masochism and torture.
    6. Content must not depict sexual harassment or rape.
    7. Age Rating Guide for violent content
      All 12+ 16+ 18+ Not Allowed

      Educational purpose

      Violent scenes of mild, unrealistic or fantasy character

      Very violent scenes, both realistic and animated

      Extremely violent graphic images

      Glamorizing death, torture, weapons, etc.

  7. Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco
    1. Content must not depict illegal alcohol, drugs and tobacco use directly or indirectly.
    2. Content has to include a warning, in the description or in the application, about drugs or medicine information available within the application.
    3. Age Rating Guide for alcohol, drugs and tobacco content
      All 12+ 16+ 18+ Not Allowed

      No usage of alcohol, drugs and tobacco

      Mild reference to images or descriptions of alcohol, drugs or tobacco

      Depiction of alcohol, drug and tobacco

      Advertisements of alcohol, drugs and tobacco

  8. Legal Requirement
    1. Content should not link to websites that contain illegal or inappropriate materials.
    2. Content must observe legal requirements as well as the moral values of countries where it is available. If content fails to comply with any legal requirements or moral values, it will be rejected.
  9. Defamation
    1. Content must not disparage a person or a group of people on the basis of:

      • Race
      • Gender
      • Ethnicity
      • Nationality
      • Religion
      • Disability
      • Ideology
      • Disparage a public figure (historical character, celebrity, politician, royal family, etc.)
      • Any other distinction that might be considered offensive
    2. Content must not contain any material that promotes political propaganda.
  10. Game
    1. Application must not include any lottery, betting or gambling elements that require real money or transfer virtual money into real money or prizes if the player risks losing money or valuables.
    2. In case of an 18+ game application for the Korean market, only game applications that use the GRB age rating are acceptable.
    3. Age Rating Guide for gaming
      All 12+ 16+ 18+ Not Allowed

      No gambling content

      Mild reference to images or descriptions of gambling activities

      Simulated gambling without real money betting

      Gambling with real money

  11. User Privacy and Opt-in
    1. Application that uses transfers and/or transmits the user’s location information must notify the user prior to each use of the application and obtain their consent.
    2. Application that uses personal information must notify users how and why their personal data is gathered disclosed or shared. Example of such data include:
      • Contacts
      • Phone numbers
      • Credit card data
      • Multimedia files (photos, audio and video)
      • Text or voice communication (SMS, MMS and Call log)
      • Browsing history
      • Location information
      • Other data saved on mobile devices or cloud storage services
    3. Transmission of personal information is forbidden without the user’s explicit consent (Opt-in) and must be encrypted while being transmitted.
    4. Transmission of personal information to a third-party must be disclosed to the Tizen Validation Team in the Notes to Validation Team notes section on the submission page.
  12. Advertisement
    1. Advertisement in application should be consistent with age rating of the application itself.
    2. Advertisement in application should comply with Tizen Validation Guide.
      • Any advertisement must not contain illegal activities, violence, sexually explicit content, promotion of alcohol/smoking/drug, propaganda, uncertified pharmaceutical products, and privacy violations in application.
      • Any advertisement must consistent with age rating of its application. (e.g. application for all ages should not contain advertisement for 18+.)
    3. Application must not include any type of illegal substance, activity or service which can mislead or deceive users.
    4. Application must not include any type of Push advertisement.
    5. Please note that you should declare clearly and accurately use of In app Ad in the Tizen Seller Office.
      When registering your app to the Tizen seller office, you’ll be asked whether your app contains In App Ad.
      Even you indicate that your app does not contain In App Ad but it has ad functionality or displays any ads, your app will be rejected. Any information on  application misleading users will be rejected.