Extension SDK

The extension SDK provides the following functionalities:

In-App Purchase

In-app purchase allows you to sell the digital content to customers inside your application such as in-game coins. With in-app purchase service, you can offer your customers a variety of items directly within your paid or free application. In-app purchase can be offered as a consumable, non-consumable, or subscription.

You can implement in-app purchase in your application by using the Tizen application control mechanism. In-app purchase service provides the functionality to process payments for items offered in your application through the Tizen Store. In-app purchase uses the same payment service as is used for application purchases, so your customers experience a consistent and secured purchase flow. In-app purchase can be implemented in both Tizen native and Web applications.

To use in-app purchase, you can use your Tizen Store Seller Office account to register items to the Tizen Store Seller Office. To get started, read the following guide: