Samsung Z

Following the launch of the Samsung Z1, Samsung expands the Tizen ecosystem with the new Samsung Z3, an advanced Tizen-based smartphone that offers powerful performance and easy customization. 

(Recommended SDK Version -  Samsung Z1: v2.3.1, Samung Z3: v2.4)

If you are developing a Tizen application and would like to test your app on Samsung Z, then you need to install the Tizen Extension SDK for Certificate. Click on the following link and get more details:

Samsung Gear

Samsung Gear is a line of wearable computing devices that includes the Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 neo, Gear S and Gear S2 that are based on the Tizen platform.

There are two types of Gear applications: Gear Standalone, and Gear Companion. 'Gear Standalone' consists of only the wearable-side widget which runs on Tizen-based Samsung Gear devices. The 'Gear Companion', on the other, consists of the host-side application which runs on Android-based Samsung mobile devices and the wearable-side widget. For more information on developing a Gear application, visit

Samsung Tizen TV

Samsung Tizen TV is a platform to improve ease and convenience to build an application. Tizen gives a HTML5-based powerful and flexible environment. HTML5 enables an application to adapt cross-platform environment with less fragmentation. An application can extend device access with JavaScript-based Tizen Device API and Samsung TV Product API. Your application can have better performance and high fluency with close accessing of OS. Use differentiated functionality of Samsung TV with APIs.

Try developing application with advanced features of Samsung Tizen TV. For more information for developing a Tizen TV application, go to

In order to convert Tizen mobile app to Tizen TV app, go to here.