Self-Check List

Tizen Validation Self Checklist

Tizen Validation Self-Check list has been prepared for developers who submit Tizen applications for Tizen Store. Before submitting your application, we recommend that you check below criteria have been met to reduce the time to get an approval for your application.

Ⅰ. Basic Information Check

Ⅰ- 1

Icon, Screenshot, Description and Tag must be consistent with the application`s content and adhere to 4+ age rating.
→Tip! Icon, Screenshot, Description and Tag should be adhered with 4+ age rating because they are exposed to each and every user without downloading the application.

Ⅰ- 2

Default Application name and Description must be written in English if selecting 2 or more countries for sale.
→Tip! You can add Application name and Description in multiple languages for global users in Additional Language section on Seller Office.


Ⅰ- 3

Description must not include other application store’s Public Relations.


Ⅰ- 4

Age Restriction and Category must be correct and valid.
→Tip! You can check the 'Age rating' criteria in Tizen Validation Guide.


Ⅰ- 5

Application should provide the Help option in the menu if Description does not provide enough explanation to understand the application.


Ⅰ- 6

Registered application name, Icon, Screenshots and supported language should be consistent with installed one on device.


Ⅱ. Installation & Execution Check

Ⅱ- 1

The size of tpk(or wgt) file*4MB must not exceed the internal memory of device.
→Tip! To download and install an application from Tizen Store, internal available memory should be at least the size of the tpk(or wgt) file*4MB.


Ⅱ- 2

Application must be installed for the targeted devices without any problems.


Ⅱ- 3

Application must be uninstalled as user expects.


Ⅱ- 4

Application should be executed without any problems.


Ⅱ- 5

Application must be closed without any problems by following options.


5-1) Using the exit option in application


5-2) Using the Task Manager


Ⅲ. Functionality Check

Ⅲ- 1

All the menus and functions operate successfully without any problems.


Ⅲ- 2

Application`s resolution should be optimized for the targeted device.
→Tip! When application`s resolution is larger than the device`s one, the application should provide a scroll bar or fold/unfold function.


Ⅲ- 3

If application supports both Portrait and Landscape modes, layouts should automatically adapt to screen with consistent UI when the user rotates the device.


Ⅲ- 4

Application should go to sleep mode unless the application requires otherwise (e.g. Navigation, Video, etc.).


Ⅲ- 5

If reaction time takes more than 5 seconds, the user should be notified by a message or progress bar.


Ⅲ- 6

There should be a function to move to other pages or menus.


Ⅲ- 7

If application uses network, there should be a message about additional charges.


Ⅳ. Interruption Check

Ⅳ- 1

Call Event


1-1) User should accept/reject a Call without any problems while application is running.


1-2) Sound of application should stop when the user is on the line.


1-3) Application should resume after user reject/end a Call.


Ⅳ- 2

Message(SMS/MMS/IM) Event


2-1) User should get a Message alert while application is running.


2-2) Message should be received without any problems.


2-3) Application should resume after receiving Message.


Ⅳ- 3

Alarm Event


3-1) Alarm should work without any problems while application is running.


3-2) Application should resume after the Alarm is turned off.


Ⅳ- 4



4-1) Application should stop when user presses HOLD KEY while application is running.


4-2) Application should resume automatically or by selecting resume menu after release Hold mode.
→Tip! Music playing application is exception.


Ⅳ- 5



5-1) Application should stop and switched to IDLE screen when user presses HOME KEY while application is running.


5-2) Application should resume when user re-executes the application.


Ⅳ- 6



6-1) Application should operate without any problems when user presses H/W KEY while application is running (BACK, CAMERA, etc.).


Ⅴ. Content Review Check

Ⅴ- 1

Copyright information must be declared if seller own the copyright of tpk(or wgt), content(e.g. Music, Images, Brand logo, etc) used in application or have the contract with the copyright holder.


Ⅴ- 2

Application must not contain Tizen Brand in Application name, Icon or Content.


Ⅴ- 3

Content must not contain any sexually suggestive things (verbal or graphic).


3-1) Pornography or nudity


3-2) Direct/indirect expressions of sexually explicit behavior


3-3) Exposed male or female genitalia


Ⅴ- 4

Content must not contain realistic presentation of violence which could instigate copycat crime.


Ⅴ- 5

Content must not incite the use of illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco.


Ⅴ- 6

Content must not contain a realistic presentation of criminal activities such as murder, suicide or prostitution which could instigate copycat crime


Ⅴ- 7

Content must not incite gambling involving real money (including cyber money that can be exchanged with real money).


Ⅴ- 8

Content must not have political, ideological, racial, religious or sexual prejudice.


Ⅴ- 9

Content must not slander or defame others on the basis of politics, ideology, race, religion or sex.


Ⅴ- 10



10-1) Check if all the defects from the last submission are fixed.


10-2) Corrections should be mentioned in ‘Comments to Validation Team’ section.


Ⅴ- 11



11-1) Revised or added functions should be explained in Description and ‘Comments to Validation Team’ section.


11-2) Application should be updated to the revised version from the Tizen Store.


Ⅵ. Recommendation Check

Ⅵ- 1

It should be possible to reinstall the deleted application on the device.


Ⅵ- 2

Application screen should be loaded in reasonable time. If loading takes too long on the Splash screen, the application should notify the user that the loading is in progress.
→Tip! The user should be notified about loading status through a message or a progress bar.


Ⅵ- 3

Application should work normally when executing and terminating the application three times in a row.


Ⅵ- 4

Application image should be clearly visible on devices with high resolution.


Ⅵ- 5

Menu name should be related to content to let the user identify application functions through menu name.


Ⅵ- 6

Software Keys should be presented in a same way depending on the function. If executing menu is on the left side, other executing menus should be on left side as well.
→Tip! OK, SAVE, GO, CONFIRM means execution.
BACK, CANCEL, IGNORE means going back to the previous page or returning to the previous status.


Ⅵ- 7

There should be no data loss when application uses the data linkage ways. (e.g. Phone number, Message, Call log, Calendar, Media file)


Ⅵ- 8

Application should work without any problems when Low Battery popup appears while application is running.


Ⅵ- 9

Icon shape is recommended to be a circular one. And size for a mobile device which is shown on the real device is 117 x 117 pixels, and size for a store which is shown on the Tizen web site is 512 x 512 pixels.