Before you submitting your application on Tizen Store and distribute it to users, you need to confirm if your application is secure and reliable to users.

This document helps you understand the publishing process and get ready for a successful product launch on Tizen Store. It summarizes some of the tasks you'll need to complete before publishing your application on Tizen Store, such as understanding the functional or legal requirements of the application, and Tizen Store policies on content.

Tizen Store will from time to time update and conduct audits to satisfy that this policy is being complied with for stakeholders; users, sellers, mobile operators or the public.

Tizen Store reserves the right to approve or withhold approval and reject any content at its sole discretion. If any registered content is found objectionable by users, or if it does not comply with validation guidelines, Tizen Store reserves the right to remove any content from Tizen Store at any time without seller's consent.